Friday, May 8, 2009

A Change Moment

I am saddened to hear of the passing of Dominic DiMaggio.

Two stories.

When Rudy Giuliani came on my TV show, Ed Randall's Talking Baseball in 1994, he said that when he went to his first game, he found it the oddest thing that one player would leave his glove on the field after the third out for the opposition player to use at the same position. In this case, Dom DiMaggio of the Boston Red Sox leaving his glove in center field for his brother, Joe, to use for the Yankees.

And now to get personal.

In 1991, Dom came in to do my show to talk about his just-published book about the 50th anniversary of the 1941 season when his brother hit in 56 consecutive games and the guy he played next to in the Boston outfield, Ted Williams, batted .406.

He was a gentleman and a gentle man.

Later that season, it is Boston's turn to host the Upper Deck Heroes of Baseball game where they were honoring Joe D and Ted. They were sponsoring my show and I was invited to Fenway to do interviews for future use.

After the Heroes and regularly scheduled game, Mrs. Yawkey hosted a dinner in Fenway's 406 Club and I was invited. I sit with Dominic and others. As dinner is ending, Dom turns to me and says, "Ed, would you like to meet Teddy?" He's seated at the next table. With that, he takes me by the hand and introduces me as follows: "Teddy, this is Eddie Randall. He's up from New York. He has a TV show and I was on it to talk about the book. He's a good kid." Ted Williams extends his hand and these are the first words he ever says to me: "Eddie, nice to meet ya. Listen, the fact that Dommy likes you, that's a lot of hits in your favor."

Something only Ted Williams could say.

And because of that exchange, Ted Williams did my TV show the following year during All-Star in San Diego, to this day, one of the highlights of my professional life.

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Anonymous said...

Ed, I love listening to you on XM175. You are the Vin Scully of baseball talk radio. With you it's an art. Keep it up !
Wayne Bradshaw
Monteagle, TN

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